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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 8, 2017 3:00pm-3:28pm PDT

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cars . >> they're all p backing that u because the elephant is coming. talk about getting up close and personal with wild animals. have you ever met someone and wondered how you ever lived a life without them? because that's how much happiness they bring you. >> i love you, dude. >> i love you, man. >> all right. well, if you love each other this much, one of you is going to be proposing to the other really soon. >> okay. >> let me get my kleenex. so emotional. john here snuck away from his girlfriend into this bathroom at a location in long beach, new jersey. and you'll see he is taking things out.
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some very nice shiny shoes. >> a ring in a box. meanwhile his girlfriend is waiting for him. the entire time we're seeing different videos and images of some of the time they've spent together. little snippets of their relationship. as he starts getting ready, you see he's not just putting on any suit. he is a member of the marines. so he is putting on that stunning marine uniform. >> dress uniform. >> i love dress blues. >> there are people that are coming into the bathroom to use it and kind of put two and two together. see what's going on. once he's all dressed, you see he starts walking through this restaurant. she is waiting for him wondering where the heck is john. but after that very long nervous walk to where his lady is, he finally finds her waiting for him with some of their friends around as well. it's kind of a perfect night. she's also a little puzzled as to what's going on. why is he suddenly in his dress
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blues? >> look at her face. >> she's a little stunned but he reaches into his pocket, brings out that ring we saw earlier. >> hang onto that railing, honey. >> he gets down on one knee. and i think we can deduce that she absolutely said yes. at the end she shows off her ring. congratulations to you. a paragliding outing. he get the wing up over his head. spins around. gets a good running start and he's airborne. nice. this is in slovenia. you ever wonder what it looked like, now you know. tucks his feet in and almost immediately from the beginning, it looks like he's struggling with that left rig. >> it seems to be one of those lines is loose, hanging a little loose. we're used to them all being sort of tense. >> i think you're right, oli. but he continues to fly. doesn't turn right back around and land. which in hindsight probably would have been a good idea. now he's individually plucking at those lines trying to get
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each one of them to take up the tension that's supposed to be there. and it doesn't seem to work. >> you see the very corner is twisted over. it's just not catching right. >> nope. he continues to fuss until there is a catastrophic failure of the wing. you see him now plummeting towards the forest below. everything is just spinning around. >> oh, shoot. >> in all this chaos, it looks like his descent is slowed eventually. he does have a reserve. if you spotted it, good on you. i did not. in all of this mess, he does appear to be now falling to the ground much, much slower which is good but where does he land? the landing actually is as good as you could expect in a situation like this.
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break through allergy congestion with allegra-d®. some families have a rule about talking shop at home. it's a shop-free zone. but it works to this dad's advantage. >> i wanted to take a few minutes to explain to you what i do for a living. it's really quite exciting. >> this is kevin and he's there with his 5-month-old son. he's telling him about his duties at work as a technology resiliency manager. >> what we do is we ensure that various applications in the bank -- >> hey. wake up. >> -- have sustained, built-in resiliency. hey, hey. it's not that boring. >> it's working. >> who needs a lullaby when you can just talk the baby to sleep? >> we test dr or sr. dr being disaster recovery.
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and sr being sustained resiliency. >> meanwhile his head is bobbing back and forth. he's trying. he really is. >> mom's already asleep from the conversation. >> resiliency spills over to our backup data center and stays there. hey. hey. >> yeah. good for you. >> nice. >> and he's out. >> a plan that works from 5 months to 50 years old. >> pretty exciting stuff, right? bud? bud? tech resiliency, right? >> oh, gosh. >> exciting stuff. so if you work hard enough, you, too, can work on weekends. >> oh, great. thanks, dad. >> hopefully this guy's boss will see this. you know, and just give him a break. >> that sound good? >> i think that face speaks for us all. check out this video from the isle iman.
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that is a 19th century tower. it's being filmed by a helicopter circling around it. they need to rescue a man at the top. >> they're going to use a helicopter to pluck that guy off of the top instead of walking him down? >> you can tell why. considering the injury, that's going to be a super tight circular staircase to get down. you're not going to be able to keep it straight down there if it were a broken leg. >> they said he was unwell enough he could not be taken down by stairs. when you go into old buildings or old houses, the stairways are much, much smaller. so oli, you're right. no way they can carry him down in a basket. they got the stretcher basket up above. you can see there are coast guard members atop that tower. they're guiding that man up into the helicopter where he was successfully transported to the hospital. >> nice. also in the uk, this helicopter was in service for about nine hours doing two separate rescues. first they were called at 9:30 p.m. to come transfer somebody to aberdeen. but then at midnight while they were refueling, they received
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another call. there was a vessel at sea that had a fisherman who was injured and he needed to be rescues. >> doing this job you never know if it's going to be 12 or 18 hours reading a book or if it's going to be stacked up rescue aft afters are cue. >> they went 141 nautical miles. but that's about lowered down onto that boat being rocked by the water.
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you have to clean it out very well. >> that could be bad. >> maybe good for delicates. it goes on a low speed. throws in water and soap and a garment. and voila. after a long, hard day of cement mixing, wash your clothes. >> he cemented himself in legends around the world. annabelle at the drive-thru. >> oh, my god! >> yeah. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, a brave lady steps up and holds on to become -- >> the 5 1/2 foot rope. >> how she takes this trip to
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so they can just barefoot ski. >> it's like an extreme wheel barrel race. >> how do you get out of it? how do you get out? okay. okay. okay. yeah. >> well, he is a g. >> yeah. that's boss right there. >> he falls off. and she is able to recover. before you know it she's the one that's barefoot skiing. by the way, that's colt and apparently he just won the men's open division for the midwest figure eight barefoot championships. now, this is when water sports don't go so great. these guys are out on the water off south sweden. and there is apparently a cruise ship they're kind of show boating for. someone on the cruise ship is recording. the three guys on their personal water craft, but we've lost one. okay. no problem. one of the other riders turns around, rescues the other guy
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from the water while the other one is like cool while you guys recover, i'm going to put on the show. starts gunning that throttle and going really, really fast. and boy -- >> oh! >> -- she put on a show. >> kind of nasty. >> but don't worry. this guy got rescued too. i think they continued putting on a good show for these people. the most viewed music video online today is "despacito." >> billions of times has this thing been viewed. >> i think i know why. dogs love it. maybe because they think it's des-paw-cito. check out this dog here. looks like he's not listening. but watch what happens when they stop the music. >> oh, come on. wait. is it the music or the cute chick? >> i'm thinking it's the music. it's when the music stops. >> you know, i mean, we've talked about how this song
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crosses language barriers but i didn't know it also crosses species. >> not the only dog that likes it. this is boo boo and she really likes it too. >> there's got to be something hypnotizing that music video. like the track. like the secret track that was specially designed to hypnotize the heck out of humans and dogs. >> we're being subconsciously manipulated. dude brings back a classic trick to stump his wife. >> what does y-e-s spell? >> yes. >> what does e-y-e-s spell? >> yes. >> it's like electronic yes. like e-mail. >> the
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every time it's on point. charity bailey, got myself a couple of questions for you. what does y-e-s spell? >> yes. >> what does e-y-e-s spell? >> eyes. >> exactly. so simple. so close. >> i had to think about it. >> the fact it's such a simple question is why this video is just on fire. already passed million because he asked the same thing. >> what does y-e-s spell? >> yes. >> what does e-y-e-s spell?
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>> e-yes? >> like e-mail. come on. >> what does e-y-e-s spell? >> e-yes. >> she's probably underslept. what happens when you are underslept? >> you say things like underslept? >> it's a good thing you're all cute. >> well, funny enough, he goes straight down that exact road. he's not tricking her. he's just asking her a very simple question. some of you are recognizing him who famous as a country singer. >> e-y-e-s. e-yes. >> usually with these things you can take a moment and reason it out. but even that doesn't help. >> e-yes? it doesn't spell anything. >> that's not even a real word.
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you're making it up. >> what am i missing? >> he does give her a clue. let's all zoom in on this moment as she realizes. guess what she's covering. her eyes. that's our show. we'll see you on the next brand new "rtm."
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tonight, breaking news. president trump's new warning. the president threatening north korea, warning the regime against any new threats aimed at the u.s. >> they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen. >> those words amid a new and
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alarming warning from u.s. intelligence. what have the north koreans now accomplished? also at this hour, the urgent manhunt. a police officer shot and killed and now the new surveillance tonight. the dangerous storms. flood rescues playing out, and word coming in now the tornado confirmed in the east. winds more than 100 miles an hour. the day care horror. the 3-year-old boy left in a sweltering day caravan. he did not survive. what the driver now tells police. the unarmed passenger held at gunpoint for nine mi
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